The Mission

“Young citizens, and their pennies, count!”


“The Power of The Penny,” the book and the movement uses the penny to teach kids ages 6-12 civic values, service, savings, and how to build “character,” like Abraham Lincoln using kindness, honesty, money, wisdom, and happiness.

The Mission is to re-build America by asking kids to “pay forward” the message of “The Power of The Penny” by empowering kids with a 3 part action plan to build civic values, philanthropy, and financial literacy in their daily lives. 

Penny Mission – Real Change Starts with a Penny!

What is going on with the American dream? With a 17 trillion dollar national debt on the rise, it will be the fundamental inheritance of today’s kids and future generations. Take a stand with a penny. 

Why a PENNY?

Every child has access to a penny, regardless of his or her social or economic situations. The penny is the smallest unit of money, but its symbolic value is priceless. A penny is a gateway for kids to discover the world changing power within themselves and enlighten adults to get back to their kid spirit and own their power in making a difference. A penny is a symbol of possibility!

The Penny Plan – Real World Solutions

The penny mission champions all children in all areas of the country, not only under-served children, but kids from middle class and well-to-do backgrounds. “E Pluribus Unum” – “Out of Many, One” We are all in it together to rebuild this nation modeled by Abraham Lincoln.


  • Encourage character building and civic action.
  • Increase literacy as modeled by Lincoln’s story.
  • Increase financial literacy.
  • Encourage parent-child interactions with money; saving and philanthropy.
  • Encourage parent-child dialogue on values using the penny.
  • Build penny collections/donation and savings activities into family and school traditions.
  • Involve community members in the Rebuilding America effort through participation,
    sponsorship of books and Penny Parties to local kids.

A key aspect of this initiative is its ability to inspire kids to participate in building their lives
and shaping their communities. In this way, we will re-build America empowering our young
citizens to make a difference in daily life. This will create a new vision for building the American
dream, while turning this country into America the Beautiful.

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