Power of The Penny Testimonials

Praise for “The Power of The Penny” Book & Movement!

Steven Tyler, rock legend singer of Aerosmith and former American Idol judge, says
“I’m excited about Penny! ‘The Power of The Penny,’ ya’ll check this out, because I have my lucky penny. This is a great book, check it out.”

Congressman Tim Ryan, 17, OH says “A fanstastic book! Will transform our country into a more compassionate and confident light for the world. This book will assist in developing the inner resilience children need to cut their own path.”

Sylven Beck, Director, Department of Elementary Education Program at The George Washington University says “‘The Power of The Penny’ provides a comprehensive integration of literacy, history, economics, and civics, which is what teachers can use to plan thematic and/or interdisciplinary units. Having the ‘penny’ as a galvanizing symbol is appealing–to children and to teachers–because of it’s accessibility.”

Kimberly Sloan, Co-Director and Professional Development Coordinator, GWU, Department of Elementary Education says “‘The Power of The Penny’ relates to many curriculum standards in economics, social studies, and of course, literacy. Still, it goes further than that and could be tied to social curricula that are led by counselors int he schools, including anti-bullying campaigns. I was impressed with the action activities (especially the Penny Party that I witnessed on the website) that brings the messages of the book alive in such a fun way for children. The connections to President Lincoln and the founding rights and benefits of being an American are key elements of American education so I see the book being topical forever. The book has staying power.”

Jesse Torres, CEO of Pan American Bank, says “‘The Power of The Penny’ engages kids to become financially literate and invest in their futures. Our goal: to raise a generation of asset builders and savers with the penny leading the way!”

Jamie Mainvielle, Owner of The Little Gym, and a mother of three, says “Teaching kids about life, liberty, and our wonderful country, we are creating a better country… a better world. Let’s create those confident kids and change the world. Have a Penny Party, it’s easy, it’s simple… Let’s rebuild America… ‘The Power of the Penny!’”

Joan Murphy, mother of two, Warren, Ohio says “The words are so beautiful and thoughtful. And the drawings are great, the colors are very vibrant. This is a very cute book, that adults and children will both love!”

Matt R. Lohr, Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble, The Grove, Los Angeles, CA says “Elaina Redmond’s ‘The Power Of The Penny’ is an instructive, interactive, and colorful journey through our great nation’s history and the depths of the human spirit. It’s a wonderful introduction to the legacy of Abraham Lincoln and a gateway for kids to discover the world-changing power within themselves. In my 8 1/2 years in the book business, I haven’t seen anything quite like it, and I can’t think of a better way for kids and families to ring in the Lincoln Bicentennial.”

Philip T. Cortese, M.D., Amsterdam, New York says “Elaina’s book is magnificent, it is a stroke of genius. Beautiful color and illustrations, a great book for the children of the United States. It emphasizes good and moral behavior as exemplified by Abraham Lincoln. Adults can enjoy the book too, it illustrates the path they should be following even though the adult world is different than the child’s world. It should also be shared with small children; it is a book for mothers and fathers to read at bed time.”

Edwin O’Shea, writer and father of two, Orlando, Florida says, “Loved it! The poetry in the beginning and ending are captivating. Great ideas and illustrations and I love the activities! It’s a great book.”

Jim and Jerry, Panama City Beach, FL said “I really enjoyed reading the book… it is excellent! I can see children all over the world using the book as a gateway to self improvement, to pursue their dreams and make them honest and abiding citizens. I recommend people buy the book for their children or grandchildren, or themselves!”

“One of my favorite parts of ‘The Power of The Penny’ movement is the concept of ‘Penny Parties,’ gathering of small groups with large charitable goals, something children can start doing with the help of their parents. I applaud the initiative to teach children about charity and helping others, all the while learning the value of money and saving for a rainy day.”

“If every child read this book, and put into practice the ideas it suggests, the future of our country would be in great hands.” -Berger’s Book Reviews

“My six year old enjoyed the illustrations…He also enjoyed doing the activities with me.” -Book Reviews by Tina

“‘The Power of The Penny’ is a great addition for any teacher or parent teaching children aout money, copper, or even President Lincoln. Not only does this book contain important facts about the history of this unique coin, it also includes several interesting activities that are sure to grab children’s attention.” -Night Owl Reviews

“What a wonderful book! Not only for its educational and informative thoughts but also as a tool to help teach young children the meaning of a penny. What our forefathers gave to each American, this country and the faith, “In God We Trust”. I would highly recommend this book to grandparents, school educators and children of all ages and anyone who enjoys reading educational tools. A must read! A definite keeper. I would also recommend ‘The Power of The Penny’ to every school across our grand country and to be available at your local library.” -My Book Addiction

“’The Power of the Penny’ proves that learning can be fun and conveys the message that doing something for others can be just as rewarding, if not more so, than doing something for yourself. Elaina Redmond is clearly in tune with her target audience and has a clever way of translating her message.” -Pop Culture Guy

“If I could give ‘The Power of the Penny’ 100 stars I would.  Not only do I absolutely love Abe Lincoln, I now adore pennies.  This book not only focuses on history in a fun and creative way (which sparked tons of dialogue with my two boys) but also teaches some of the greatest virtues one can have; honesty, determination, character, kindness, understanding, imagination, happiness and so much more!  What a treat this book is.  As a teacher, I am going to develop a lesson plan around this book!  It is just too great now to share with many others!” -Mrs. Mommy Booknerd’s Book Reviews & More

“(The book) is handsomely illustrated by Scott Stewart and has won a Benjamin Franklin Award and a Mom’s Choice award. The book teaches children the value of civic duty, philanthropy, and financial literacy, fancy terms for learning the value of saving for the future, participating in the life of one’s community and nation, and to appreciate the value of something as small as a penny. She integrates the life of Lincoln, who appears on the penny, into the book as an example of the personal values one should strive to attain. By any measure, this is a book one would want any child to read.” -Bookviews by Alan Caruba

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