The Power Of The Penny

The first half of the book shares character building, Abraham Lincoln, the vision of the Founding Fathers, liberty, faith, making a difference, and hope by examining a penny. The second half shares the Penny Practice, includes 8 themes and activity boxes. Themes teach making choices, self reliance, financial literacy, civics, philanthropy, kindness, and honesty.

  • Spiderman/Superman artist Scott Stewart's vibrant illustrations shine with electricity and beauty.
  • "The Power of The Penny" is a book to grow up with and read year and year again.
  • Written for ages 5-12 and readers of all ages who love Abraham Lincoln and the United States of America.
- "The Power of the Penny" will ignite a new generation of heroes modeled after Abraham Lincoln. After reading this book, you will never see the penny the same way again!



Watch the video below about empowering kids in the
practices of savings, civics, and service.


"Young citizens, and their pennies, count!"

"The Power of The Penny," the book and the movement uses the penny to teach kids ages 6-12 civic values, service, savings, and how to build "character," like Abraham Lincoln using kindness, honesty, money, wisdom, and happiness.

The Mission is to re-build America by asking kids to "pay forward" the message of "The Power of The Penny" by empowering kids with a 3 part action plan to build civic values, philanthropy, and financial literacy in their daily lives.

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Imagine if every child in America had a savings account. How Would Our Country Change?

Empower a child today with a savings bank account to learn The Power of The Penny and help them build their future. The Penny Mission suggests that kids make a Penny Wish Box/Jar for savings. Kids building a savings bank account develop a skill set for life, as they learn:

  • Self reliance
  • Discipline
  • Long term planning
  • Civic values
  • Budgeting
  • Asset building
  • Investing
  • Compound interest

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Imagine if 1 million children collect pennies and "made wishes" focusing their intention on doing good.

A Penny Wish Box or Jar
A wish box or jar is a decorated container used to collect pennies, coins, and paper currency. With each drop of pennies, we ask kids to "Make A Wish" with their mind and heart for one's life or community. Collected pennies are for service and savings. It's easy. Just download a Penny Toolkit. (Includes 2 activity sheets for service and savings, stickers, and labels.) 

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Civics in Action! Imagine children understanding how to vote by writing letters to the President

Writing a letter to the President is liberty in action! As one action theme of "The Power of The Penny," this activity will re-build America and empower kids with civic values and know how. A child cannot vote at the ballot, but can vote with a letter.

Get started now! Go get a pen, or pencil, paper, an envelope and a stamp, a penny, and some tape. Write your own letter or download the Penny Toolkit which includes a template letter and the address of the White House. Tape the penny to the top of the page and start writing!  Learn More »


Move over princesses, here come the Girl Presidents!

One theme featured in "The Power of The Penny" is Girl for President! A girl in a presidential outfit appears throughout the book, sharing the message of Abraham Lincoln. This Girl President is seen in the White House, inside the Oval Office with three of the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln.

"The Power of The Penny" gives girls a positive female role model who holds a political leadership role to show them that they, too, belong in the field of politics and leadership.

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The Power of the Penny book and movement feature the Hero’s path empowering kids and adults to live “I Am My Own Hero.”

  Taking a hero’s path and applying it to our own lives, challenges can be approached with small steps and tackled with a power inside of ourselves that has more potential than just conquering daily challenges.

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  • For kids ages 6-12
  • Book measures 11" X 11"
  • Award winning book!
  • Glossy cover
  • 10 activities, 9 questions inside
  • Images-beautiful American themes
  • Great as a gift!
  • Made with Soy Based Ink

Congressman Tim Ryan, 17, OH says:

"A fantastic book! Will transform our country into a more compassionate and confident light for the world. This book will assist in developing the inner resilience children need to cut their own path."

Mom's Choice Awards: Elaina Redmond

Kimberly Sloan, Co-Director and Professional Development Coordinator, GWU, Department of Elementary Education says

‘The Power of The Penny’ relates to many curriculum standards in economics, social studies, and of course, literacy. Still, it goes further than that and could be tied to social curricula that are led by counselors int he schools, including anti-bullying campaigns. I was impressed with the action activities (especially the Penny Party that I witnessed on the website) that brings the messages of the book alive in such a fun way for children. The connections to President Lincoln and the founding rights and benefits of being an American are key elements of American education so I see the book being topical forever. The book has staying power.”

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Matt R. Lohr, Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble, The Grove, Los Angeles, CA says

“Elaina Redmond’s ‘The Power Of The Penny’ is an instructive, interactive, and colorful journey through our great nation’s history and the depths of the human spirit. It’s a wonderful introduction to the legacy of Abraham Lincoln and a gateway for kids to discover the world-changing power within themselves. In my 8 1/2 years in the book business, I haven’t seen anything quite like it, and I can’t think of a better way for kids and families to ring in the Lincoln Bicentennial.”

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How Teachers Can Use The Power Of The Penny Book:

  • Character Education
  • Financial Literacy
  • History
  • Penny Drives - add fun and value to your fundraiser
  • Use for teaching Common Core Standards
  • Penny Party - Themed party for school, Presidents Day, Lincoln's Birthday, 4th of July, Stand alone event
  • Activities and questions inside the book allow for discussion


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