Penny Wish Boxes

Imagine if 1 million children collect pennies and
“made wishes” focusing their intention on doing good.

Penny Wish Jar

Make a Penny Wish Box/Jar:

It’s easy. Just download a PENNY TOOLKIT. (Includes 2 activity sheets for service and savings, stickers, and labels.)

A Penny Wish Box or Jar

Is a decorated container used to collect pennies, coins, and paper currency. With each drop of pennies, we ask kids to “Make A Wish” with their mind and heart for one’s life or community.

Collected pennies are for service and savings.

Penny Philanthropy

Pennies are donated to a cause or put towards an act of kindness of the child’s choice. Children decide a cause close to their heart like an animal shelter, or the environment. Pennies can go towards a simple act of kindness like buying someone juice at a store or pennies can be give to a school cause.

Saving pennies is financial literacy in action.

Children are encouraged to save and have their own savings bank account for collected pennies.
Adults are encouraged to donate their collected pennies to a cause, school, child’s savings account or an act of kindness (buying a coffee for someone).

Get friends, family, school, and clubs involved in service and savings!

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