Letter Writing to the President

Civics in Action! Imagine children understanding how to vote by writing letters to the President of the United States.

Writing a letter to the President is liberty in action! As one action theme of “The Power of The Penny,” this activity will re-build America and empower kids with civic values and know how. A child cannot vote at the ballot, but can vote with a letter.

18 years is a long time for a child to wait to learn how to vote. Kids can write effective letters & understand writing as a civic action of being a citizen from any age! It’s an easy way for children to take a stand and express their voice their votes with a letter.

Letter writing is one of the oldest known forms of communication. Did you know it was against  the law for slaves to read and write? A basic means of communication was banned for slaves. Abraham Lincoln was probably deeply aware of this. Freeing the slaves would also free them from a lifetime of illiteracy and also empower them to vote!

Get started now!

Go get a pen, or pencil, paper, an envelope and a stamp, a penny, and some tape. Write your own letter or download the Penny Toolkit which includes a template letter and the address of the White House. Tape the penny to the top of the page and start writing!

Here is a case study with one school that had fantastic success. McNulty Academy received local media attention for the Penny Campaign, letter writing, and a 2-week Penny Drive that raised over 250 dollars for the Haiti Relief Fund. President Obama responded with a letter and two photos to students who wrote a letter to him as part of the Penny Program. 

Remember! This civic action activity is for kids and adults alike! 

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