I Am My Own Hero

Joseph Campbell, a renowned story teller and philosopher on the topic of the hero’s journey, is most known for his famous saying, “follow your bliss.”  

The Power of the Penny book and movement feature the Hero’s path empowering kids and adults to live “I Am My Own Hero.”

We all want to follow our own bliss and make our own path in life, it’s much harder than it seems and on some days it takes otherworldly actions to do so.

Taking a hero’s path and applying it to our own lives, challenges can be approached with small steps and tackled with a power inside of ourselves that has more potential than just conquering daily challenges.

                                                                                      A hero’s mindset can change the world!

The Power of The Penny’s ‘I Am My Own Hero’ T-shirt is a wearable message designed to fill children and adults with inspiration to become a hero, like Superhero Abe, by using the penny. 



              “I wore my shirt to school                                and did not want to take it off                      and change for bed.”

                                                                           -DJ, little boy in Southern California 




   “Decided to be Cool today,                and wear my Hero t-shirt!”

                                                                           -Dan G.,  big boy in NYC


The Power of The Penny is one way to stay on that path towards heroism whether that path leads you to hold a Penny Drive to help your school or a charity of choice,  or to Write a Letter to the President about the importance of the penny in life and civic duty.  Click on any of the links below to explore more of The Power of The Penny’s website and take advantage of the exclusive sneak peek of the book!



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