Girl for President – Empowering Girls of All Ages!
Move over princesses, here come the Girl Presidents!

One theme featured in “The Power of The Penny” is Girl for President! A girl in a presidential outfit appears throughout the book, sharing the message of Abraham Lincoln. This Girl President is seen in the White House, inside the Oval Office with three of the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln.

Having a presidential girl appear through the book exposes young girls to female empowermentAs a parent, or a teacher, you’ll want your little girls to feel this powerful message in “The Power of The Penny” and embrace their own sense of leadership as they build their lives.

Teach Female Leadership
& Empowerment!

To forward the message of applying leadership and empowerment in the day-to-day lives of girls and grown-up women in support of this theme, two designs have been created for t-shirts, art prints, & items.

One design features four ethnically different girls in a presidential circle. The second design are singular images of each of the four girls.

“The Power of The Penny” gives girls a positive female role model who holds a political leadership role to show them that they, too, belong in the field of politics and leadership.


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