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Let the Power of the Penny Provide You with Great Youth Philanthropy Opportunities

The Power of the Penny truly values your experience with us. That is why our youth philanthropy opportunities strive  to provide you with a great experience! Make sure to visit us online to view all of your options! Give us a call with your questions and concerns.


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Give us the Chance to Help You Explain Social Responsibility

Children understand concepts when they are taught at their own level. The Power of the Penny, our children’s book, understands this. Give us the chance to help you demonstrate important values, such as social responsibility.

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Demonstrate Social Action by Visiting Us Online!

Social action is a very important issue in today’s society. If you would like to explore the issue with your children, visit our website today. The Power of the Penny can help you describe and explain the value of social action.

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Educate Your Children About the Value of American Ideals with Our Help!

If you would like to educate your children about the value of American ideals, visit us online today. The Power of the Penny can offer a detailed handbook. Visit us online to get more information.

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Let Us Help Increase Your Children’s Financial Responsibility!

If you would like to increase your children’s financial responsibility, enlist the help of The Power of the Penny. Our educational book will make sure to help you teach your boys and girls the value of money. Head online today to get started.

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