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A Financial Savvy NEXT Generation – Begins With Grownups!

Good money management skills beginning in youth is a game changer for our next generation. Wouldn’t having a financial safety net as an adult been easier if you started as child in learning savvy financial skills?

Why not Pay Forward this insight to a child?

Pick a child whether it’s your own, a grandchild,  niece, nephew, godchild, neighbor or friends. Inspire this child to learn to look at money anew using a penny as a basis for building awareness of money and values.

Then take action:

1. Read THE POWER OF THE PENNY digitally or the hardcover book.

2. Make it fun and educational in teaching values, host a PENNY PARTY!

3. Check out this article by Andrew Beattie to help you inspire a child in opening a First Bank Account  and in “creating a saving and spending plan for your child to help steer them toward a sound financial future.”

Now it’s up to you…. which reminds me, have you looked at a PENNY today?



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Celebrate President’s Day by Reading The Power of the Penny and The Gettysburg Address

Up until the mid 1970s, February 22 was a national holiday that celebrated the birthday of our first president, and hero of the Revolutionary War, George Washington. In most states, February 12 was the date set aside to celebrate the birth of Abraham Lincoln. However, in the 1970s, congress declared that in order to honor all our past presidents we devote a day to them. From that day forward, the third Monday in February has been dubbed President’s Day. Here are some awesome ways you can celebrate President’s Day.power of the penny

  • Take the opportunity to bake a cherry pie. If you don’t bake, buy one from the store and eat it on this holiday. We may never know if the story about Washington chopping down the cherry tree is true, but it makes a great story and a fantastic opportunity to eat cherry pie. Cherry pie.
  • If you are opportunistic, go to Laredo, Texas and celebrate Washington’s birthday with the oldest and biggest birthday celebration in the states. It’s so big they celebrate the occasion for the entire month of February. Don’t forget to pack plenty of party favors for this birthday bash.
  • If you are feeling up to it, take a few Virginia line dance lessons and show the world your moves on President’s Day.
  • Yet another way to celebrate President’s Day is to gather the family around the dinner table and read them the Gettysburg Address. And afterward, assign more of Lincoln’s writings for your family to read.
  • Make a Lincoln penny pendant and wear it in celebration of one of our great presidents.

The list of things to do on President’s Day is certainly endless. We think you should celebrate President’s Day by reading The Power of the Penny and holding an informal penny party. Invite your friends and have a wonderful holiday.



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Celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday With Activities and The Power of the Penny

Wednesday, February 12, will mark the birthday of our beloved sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. We celebrate his achievements like preserving the Union during the Civil War and his Emancipation Proclamation ending slavery. There are many activities you can do with your children to celebrate the former president and all of his achievements.

Here are a few of our favorite Lincoln’s Birthday activities.

1. To start the day, you should take the family out and go buy a Lincoln hat. Did you know that President Lincoln used his hat to store letters and other documents? His birthday is a great opportunity to be like Abe Lincoln.

2. Another great activity to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday is to play with Lincoln Logs. Either pull out your old set (we know you had a set when you were young) or go out and buy a set for your children to enjoy. Nothing pulls a family together than a good session of building with Lincoln Logs.

3. Did you know that Lincoln was the first president to sport a beard while in office? Celebrate our 16th president’s birthday in style by sporting your own beard. We don’t mean you have to grow it yourself, a store bought beard or one constructed from cotton or other materials will do just fine. We highly suggest you get creative with this one. Go ahead, grow a beard and have a blast.

4. Finally, celebrate Abraham Lincoln on his birthday by throwing a Penny Party. These awesome parties combine reading our wonderful book, The Power of the Penny, with fun activities like the Penny Circle Game, a Penny Hunt and making tasty Penny Cupcakes.

Whatever you and your family choose to do to celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday, make it fun and make it memorable.

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The Power of the Penny Drives Home a Thoughtful Lesson of Civic Duty and Social Integrity

The Power of the Penny drives home a thoughtful lesson of civic duty and social integrity. This book reaches out and shows the value of kindness, spirituality and honesty. It is a wonderful teaching tool for kids of all ages. This book is really packed with valuable moral lessons that every kid should abide. For example, the book teaches children that the penny is more than just a coin; it is indeed a reminder of equality, freedom and honesty.

It’s the rare book such as The Power of the Penny that transcends moral obligation. It truly holds the ability to change a child’s perspective of life. The lessons learned by reading this book will no doubt have a profound effect on the reader. It is what parents need to drive home lessons of freedom, equality and more. This book is a great way to begin a dialogue with your children about specific moral issues and how to properly deal with them. It can also serve as wonderful fodder for teachers and preachers alike.

Let’s not forget the wonderful illustrations within the pages. Also, the activities are fun and a great way to make learning an enjoyable activity. If you have yet to purchase The Power of the Penny, maybe now would be a good time.

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Teaching Financial Responsibility Through The Power of The Penny

One of the more important objectives we strive to teach children through The Power of The Penny is financial responsibility. Now, our book alone, though a wonderful tool, is just the beginning in what should be a great journey you and your children can take by continuing to teach financial responsibility. Here are a few ways you, as a parent, can teach your children more about financial responsibility.

We all probably feel it’s a good idea for children to help around the house by assigning chores. And while these chores should be completed without expectation of pay, work performed outside set chores could be reason for earning a little extra money. Incentives like this let kids feel like doing extra work is worthwhile, and this goes a long way in building character.

We should all teach our children how to save. If they get into the habit of saving money at a young age, they will be more likely to continue the habit as they get older. A good way to start is to set up a system of what percentage of money should be saved, this can vary from month to month if, for example, extra money is needed to buy holiday gifts for family members.

We strive to enlighten children who read our book, and we encourage parents, and adults alike, to continue building character in our children.



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Build Up American Ideals in Your Home with the Power of the Penny

The Power of the Penny can help educate your children regarding American ideals. Our children’s book will explain these important concepts to your children in an easy way. Check out our website today to get started shopping.

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Relay the Concept of Financial Responsibility to Your Little Ones with the help of the Power of the Penny


Don’t take on the task of teaching important life lessons to your children alone! Contact the Power of the Penny for assistance. We can help your little ones understand the concept of financial responsibility. Visit us online to purchase your children’s new favorite book today!

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We Can Provide Your Children with a Moral Compass

The Power of the Penny can help you teach your children social responsibility, American ideals, as well as help you instill a moral compass within their lives! Our children’s book will help teach morals at a level they will be able to understand. Visit us online to get started today.

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Let us Help with Character Building in Your Family

The Power of the Penny can make sure your family is a well rounded unit. We can help with character building in your young and impressionable children. Give us the chance to come through for your family.

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Let us Provide Your Children with the Concept of Savings! Contact Us to Let Penny Power Do the Job

If you would like to instill the value of savings into your children, purchase the Power of the Penny online. Our penny power concepts will help explain important values using terms your children can understand. Visit us online today to begin the process.

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