Celebrate President’s Day by Reading The Power of the Penny and The Gettysburg Address

Up until the mid 1970s, February 22 was a national holiday that celebrated the birthday of our first president, and hero of the Revolutionary War, George Washington. In most states, February 12 was the date set aside to celebrate the birth of Abraham Lincoln. However, in the 1970s, congress declared that in order to honor all our past presidents we devote a day to them. From that day forward, the third Monday in February has been dubbed President’s Day. Here are some awesome ways you can celebrate President’s Day.power of the penny

  • Take the opportunity to bake a cherry pie. If you don’t bake, buy one from the store and eat it on this holiday. We may never know if the story about Washington chopping down the cherry tree is true, but it makes a great story and a fantastic opportunity to eat cherry pie. Cherry pie.
  • If you are opportunistic, go to Laredo, Texas and celebrate Washington’s birthday with the oldest and biggest birthday celebration in the states. It’s so big they celebrate the occasion for the entire month of February. Don’t forget to pack plenty of party favors for this birthday bash.
  • If you are feeling up to it, take a few Virginia line dance lessons and show the world your moves on President’s Day.
  • Yet another way to celebrate President’s Day is to gather the family around the dinner table and read them the Gettysburg Address. And afterward, assign more of Lincoln’s writings for your family to read.
  • Make a Lincoln penny pendant and wear it in celebration of one of our great presidents.

The list of things to do on President’s Day is certainly endless. We think you should celebrate President’s Day by reading The Power of the Penny and holding an informal penny party. Invite your friends and have a wonderful holiday.



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