October 2013 Power of The Penny

Build Up American Ideals in Your Home with the Power of the Penny

The Power of the Penny can help educate your children regarding American ideals. Our children’s book will explain these important concepts to your children in an easy way. Check out our website today to get started shopping.

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Relay the Concept of Financial Responsibility to Your Little Ones with the help of the Power of the Penny


Don’t take on the task of teaching important life lessons to your children alone! Contact the Power of the Penny for assistance. We can help your little ones understand the concept of financial responsibility. Visit us online to purchase your children’s new favorite book today!

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We Can Provide Your Children with a Moral Compass

The Power of the Penny can help you teach your children social responsibility, American ideals, as well as help you instill a moral compass within their lives! Our children’s book will help teach morals at a level they will be able to understand. Visit us online to get started today.

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Let us Help with Character Building in Your Family

The Power of the Penny can make sure your family is a well rounded unit. We can help with character building in your young and impressionable children. Give us the chance to come through for your family.

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Let us Provide Your Children with the Concept of Savings! Contact Us to Let Penny Power Do the Job

If you would like to instill the value of savings into your children, purchase the Power of the Penny online. Our penny power concepts will help explain important values using terms your children can understand. Visit us online today to begin the process.

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Let the Power of the Penny Provide You with Great Youth Philanthropy Opportunities

The Power of the Penny truly values your experience with us. That is why our youth philanthropy opportunities strive  to provide you with a great experience! Make sure to visit us online to view all of your options! Give us a call with your questions and concerns.


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Give us the Chance to Help You Explain Social Responsibility

Children understand concepts when they are taught at their own level. The Power of the Penny, our children’s book, understands this. Give us the chance to help you demonstrate important values, such as social responsibility.

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Elaina’s Blog Post #1

This is where your blog posts will show up. Just tag them with Author Blog!

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Demonstrate Social Action by Visiting Us Online!

Social action is a very important issue in today’s society. If you would like to explore the issue with your children, visit our website today. The Power of the Penny can help you describe and explain the value of social action.

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Educate Your Children About the Value of American Ideals with Our Help!

If you would like to educate your children about the value of American ideals, visit us online today. The Power of the Penny can offer a detailed handbook. Visit us online to get more information.

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